Development Support

Contraction and Development Support

In addition to standard or custom orders we provide versatile development services. 


Setting up etching equipment and processes



Determining proper material selection, chemistry composition, as well as material and application development.



Design of experiments, statistical analysis and providing robustness through Six Sigma, ANOVA, full factorial testing (R2), and Matlab modeling.

Porous Silicon Consultation

The porous Silicon process is very sophisticated with a manifold of input variables including initial material properties, chemical combinations, current densities which then result in a manifold of possible outcomes. The task of finding the most fitting materials and process variables can be daunting. We want to help you set up your system to meet your goals as timely and cost effective as possible..

Design of Experiments (DOE)

At Porous Silicon, we want to help you design the most effective process in order to obtain the most desireable outcomes for your application.  With over 10 years of Design of Experiments (DOE) experience, with the help of Minitab and/or Visual Xsel Software packages, experiments can be statistically optimized.  There are two main focusses:

1.  Quick Taguchi Screening tests for laboratory and first step validation tests for research and development 

2.  Full statistical framing for large scale series production.

Process Optimization

Multi Input Variables and Outcomes

Process Optimization can be done for multiple variables such as Efficiency, Cost, Processing Parameters etc. This helps to reduce the time in finding the “Best Known Method” but also reduces the time and resources it takes to make a product ready for the market and robust against production tolerance and end user experiences. 

If you have any questions or need help for custom requests, feel free to contact us any time.