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High Purity Porous Silicon

Porous Silicon powders come in two varieties.  The first variety are very pure >99.99% Si particles that have been electrochemically etched using HF and a solvent.  

Pore sizes are uniformly controlled during the etching process and can be finely tuned depending on the desired outcome.

Metallurgical Si

The second variety, similar in function to the electrochemically etched pure Si, but has been optimized to be cost effective. By using metallurgic Si, with a purity of roughly 91% Si, and an electroless chemical etching process the Price per gram can be drastically reduced.  

Unfortunately with this chemical etching process the overall limits of the method results at around 50% porosity.


Typical particle sizes range from 20-150µm.  Depending on volume, etching parameters and application requirements the particles can also be reduced in the sub-micron and nanoparticle regimes.


Typical porosity ranges are between 40% and 75% for electrochemical etching and upto 50% for electroless etching


For customized material, tests can be done to find the correct balance between pore diameter and overall porostiy.

Porous Silicon Wafer Etching

Starting with 6″ <1-0-0> Cz p-type Si Wafers >300µm thickness:

Micro-, Meso- and Macroporous Silicon can be etched to a certain thickness, pore size and porosity.  Categories are divided below.

  • Microporous Etching
    ( 1-5nm Pore Diameters)
  • Mesoporous Etching
    ( 5-50nm Pore Diamters)
  • Macroporous Etching
    ( >50nm Trenches or Vias)

n type Si can also be used upon request, but we do not yet have the capability to use an added light source for +hole creation.

PSI Porous Silicon

What is Porous Silicon?


Porous Silicon is one of the most exciting materials being tested and characterised throughout the research world.

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